8 Conlay News & Review : Upping the Ante For Branded Residences in Kuala Lumpur


For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury living, branded residences have increasingly become the prime choice in recent years. Offering comforts and conveniences classically reserved for hotels while maintaining the exclusivity of private residences, these developments aim to create a lifestyle proposition that appeals to the most discerning of property owners and investors.

As a class of investment enjoying a rising profile in the current market, branded residences are quickly making their presence felt here in Kuala Lumpur, becoming the preferred choice of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and foreign investors. HNWI both locally and internationally prefer branded residences for several key reasons: the inclusion of services and amenities usually reserved for the hospitality industry, a focus on high-end design, and direct affiliations with prestigious global brands.


With its YOO-designed twisted twin residential towers, YOO8 serviced by Kempinski, and world class hospitality services by Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, 8 Conlay is the most anticipated project for Kuala Lumpur City Centre. With award-winning global designers such as Steve Leung and Kelly Hoppen, the YOO brand, and Kempinski, it is set to be one of the city’s most prominent branded residence offerings. 8 Conlay creates a coveted package for investors and residents alike, bringing together the best elements that Malaysia’s capital has to offer in terms of location and architectural design, and marrying it with world-class brands in terms of interior design, amenities, and value-added services.

With a branded residence set to debut alongside the five-star, first-and-only 8 Conlay Kempinski Hotel Kuala Lumpur, as well as a curated lifestyle retail quarters located just below, 8 Conlay is rightly named one of Kuala Lumpur’s most desirable addresses. YOO8 brings to the table an exclusive list of concierge and à la carte services, all provided by Kempinski’s renowned hospitality experts. Designed as a cosmopolitan sanctuary, residents can anticipate an exceptional array of in-house services readily at their disposal. Whether through the in-house app or a call to the concierge desk, residents will have access to a range of services, including private valet, chef, personal trainer, tailoring services, housekeeping, a butler-on-call, and more.


For the sophisticated urbanite, this carefully designed experience cannot be overstated, allowing those accustomed to such a standard of living to continue enjoying the level of comfort and convenience of such premium services.

For investors looking for a worthy use of their capital, the value of branded residences and the elevated offerings they come with creates an investment opportunity like no other to be found in Kuala Lumpur.

Joanne Kua, the managing director of 8 Conlay’s property developer KSK Land Sdn. Bhd. says it best:
“When you look at the KL market, there are luxury properties all around but very few branded residences. But it’s not just about a brand. You can’t just take a hotel brand, stick it to a residence and call it a branded property. When people walk in, there is a certain level of expectation. They expect an ‘experience’ the moment they walk through the door. That is why we tell people that when they buy a branded residence, they are not just buying a property but also an experience. So when we say Kempinski is servicing our branded residences, for those who have stayed in Kempinski’s hotels, they will expect the same hospitality experience when they move into a branded residence serviced by Kempinski. That is our goal.”

Offering a level of service, amenities, and exclusivity unmatched by the more traditional luxury condominium offerings in the region, it is clear that choosing a branded residence like 8 Conlay is a prime investment opportunity that also promises a new level of luxury city living.

For more information on how 8 Conlay creates such a premium value proposition, visit the 8 Conlay Gallery at Bangunan KSK or click here: https://www.8conlay.com/

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